Sunday, May 15, 2016

And Now We Are Three

My heart is broken. Again. Today I lost my oldest brother. I am so sick of cancer! But I will save that rant for another day. Being the youngest I have had some wonderful experiences with my older siblings. My brother Eddie was a brother and so much more. I was blessed to be included with him on his family outings with my sister in law and my nieces. Swimming, fishing, whatever. It was also wonderful to work with him. We spent many hours together in the office talking about everything. And laughing. Lots of laughter. I will remember him smiling and laughing. We had so much fun, even in the bad times. Always able to find humor in all things, whether appropriate or not. I have lost such a large part of me today. He taught me to drive a stick shift. Keeping calm as I sped toward a huge boulder. "Rock! Rock! Turn the wheel!!!!" Calmly. Deciding that it was enough for one day, we switched places. I still think he over reacted a bit, I mean we didn't hit the little rock. He was also a great friend to my husband. Hunting and fishing together. Working on the truck. Just talking. He was a big brother to him, too. We expect to lose our parents at some point. I never expected to lose a sibling! He was supposed to live forever. He was my BIG brother. He held the world on his shoulders for me. Always there to rescue me. No matter what his faults, he was perfect to me. Now there are the 3 of us. My sister and my brother and me. Just us. We will go on, we have to. We have our own families. We will stay close. But a big part of us is gone. So many memories. And now that is all I have. I will hold it all so close. Deep in my heart. I love you so much my dear brother. Goodbye for now.


DivineMissMA said...

Shellby, my heart breaks for you. I love you.

Lewis Dickson said...

That is THE Way I will Always Remember him. So Privileged to be part of this Family, I will miss him greatly also, My Big Brother I never had.