Monday, September 14, 2015

Perception Vs Reality Existing in An Overly PC World

I have been quietly stewing over this for a few days now. OK so maybe not quietly, but stewing is correct. I was recently accused of being a racist who is also prejudiced against those with special needs. What? I mean seriously. Me? Racist? And against those who are handicapped in some way. Ridiculous, right? It happened at my place of employment. I am in retail. I love it. I really do. I love to interact with people. I am good at it. I have never had an issue like this before. It is all about perception. And people who are overly eager to see things as being against them in everything. I directed a couple of children to another register because I had clocked out and was already on my limited lunch time. YOU decided that my intention was to not deal with your children because of their color and disability. YOU decided that I had a problem with you and your children based on nothing but my directing them to another open register. NOT that I had said anything mean or with an attitude. NOT that I was rude or in any way disrespectful. Your perception was not reality in any way. You did not say anything to me or anyone in the store at that time. It was days later when a person came in to complain about my supposed slight to you and your family. Only the person complaining wasn't even you. A person who heard the story from you and your children came in to complain. Seriously? How is this an issue? How did it get to this? Fortunately my manager and just about everyone who has any interaction with me realized this was not in my nature. I wish I could have been there to talk to you in person. I wish I could have told you my side. The reality of what happened rather than someone's inaccurate perception.  It is possible that you have had to deal with people who have treated you and your children in this manner. I would like to think that it is the exception not the rule. How did we get to the point where we look to be offended and insulted? How did we become so PC that we can't even exist without being offended every time we turn around? Or have to worry that we are offending someone by merely existing, doing our job, shopping, or whatever we are doing during our daily interaction with others. What are you teaching your children? That EVERYONE is against them due to their color or disability? How is that a good thing? I have tried to teach my children that different is good and to embrace those differences. Not that their differences are a reason to look for things that people do or say to be offended by. I hope they have learned that people are people no matter what their color, beliefs, sexual identity, religion, or whatever and they are to be treated no differently. When did I become the exception? I refuse to go through my life walking on eggshells in case I offend someone inadvertently. I REFUSE. I will be me, just the same as I always have been. Friendly and welcoming to all I meet. If you see an ulterior motive or you perceive a slight that is on YOU. And I feel sorry for you, that seems like a very sad and angry way to go through life. I prefer my reality to yours.

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