Friday, September 18, 2015

Crazy Neighborhood Lady

That would be me now. Sigh. It took a while, but I am sure the entire neighborhood is aware of my eccentricities. A normal evening after work for me is coming home, getting into comfy clothes, OK into my jammies, and amusing myself with one of my babies. This particular night my pastel ball python, Truman, was out and about with me. He was just hanging out on my arm in his usual spot. Normal for me to have one of my creatures spending quality time with me. I remembered I had left my Ipad in my car. Pink fluffy slippers on, check. Grab keys, check. Oliver, my special shih-tzu loves to go out with me to the car. He does this little hop-skip dance around, jumps inside the car and then comes back in the house with me. Braeden my other shih-tzu will go out and wander around. Stare at Oliver as if to say "really, just stop you are embarrassing us". On this night the dogs head out with me, I open car door to get the Ipad. Turn around and Oliver is skipping across the street to the gentlemen walking on the opposite side. Oliver loves everyone. EVERYONE. The gentlemen stopped and was petting him. I came traipsing across the street, yelling at Oliver and apologizing for him jumping on the guy. The gentlemen looks at me and then just takes off. Walking at a rapid pace. I didn't understand. These are 2 little dogs that were really just wanting to love on him. Oh well more pressing matters at hand, where did those snots scamper off to now? Still across the street and one house over. I am still yelling and now I am joined by Youngest. He is yelling at the dogs. I'm yelling at the dogs. I'm apologizing to the neighbors. Older man with younger lad working on their car in the driveway. They were looking at the dogs and us. I didn't hear what the older man said. The only light was a floodlight over the engine. I got close to him as Oliver was jumping on and running around his legs. Apparently, Oliver has coated himself in oil because he keeps slipping away. Youngest is not having a better time rounding up Braeden. The neighbors were not helping in any way. I was wondering why they didn't try to hold the dogs as they were jumping and bouncing at their feet. In fact they acted afraid. I am thinking, "seriously?! They are little dogs. They are not even barking!" Whatever. After a few more laps around the car and yard, we finally wrangled both dogs. I apologized again to the traumatized looking neighbors, and we headed into the street toward home. In the middle of the street I realized I still had Truman around my arm! I started to laugh very loudly. That is why the first guy took off so quickly when I got near him and why the neighbors were acting so scared and backing away. Backing away from ME not the little dogs yapping at their feet. Crazy lady in her jammies, pink fuzzy slippers and a little snake for a bracelet. Oh yeah I am a terrifying sight. It was so very comical to me. I continued to laugh all the way up to our front door. That is when Youngest realized what I was laughing about. "You had Truman this whole time?!" Yep I sure did. Great. Now I will be known as the crazy lady with the snake and the dogs who don't behave. Oh well now I can truly be me and not worry about what they all think of me any more. I will walk my lizards on their leashes right down the sidewalk. I will go check the mail with my snakes wrapped around my arm or wrist. I will take my chameleons out for some sun and relax in my chair on my front porch. In my comfy lounge wear. And pink fuzzy slippers. And I will not care. Well, I will care, but just a little. After all every neighborhood needs a colorful resident. I will be our neighborhood's eccentric.

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