Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Games with Hubby

As people of "a certain age" Hubby and I have started to play a few new games. Our favorite lately is Guess What Hurts Today! Oh it is such fun. After hearing the alarm and playing Do I Snooze or Just Get Up, next up is Guess What Hurts. It is usually started with a guess depending on the activities of the previous day or 2. Let's see, I did extra gardening yesterday so my knees are gonna ache. (Moves legs). Yep that is painful. On his side of the bed Hubby is playing his version. Now the real fun begins. We get to play My Pain is Worse Than Yours. This starts with one of us making the comment of What Hurts Today. The other is required to then state their What Hurts Today. Now to see who can moan or sigh the most when attempting to get up. Bonus points are awarded for getting up and then immediately falling back to the bed in apparent agony. Oh what fun! We now play version 2.0 of Look At This. It is not the Look At This of cleaning the fridge fame. No, this is the new version where we show each other new oddities we have on our bodies. Mine are usually bruise related. His are lumps. That man gets bit by more things than anytime we went camping. OK stop laughing, I mean when he went camping. Like I camp. I seem to get bruised by breathing. Showing him my bruises are the result of my game of Where Did That Come From. Bruises, scratches and other skin anomalies show up on a regular basis. And they are not after some wild night of drinking or partying. OK stop laughing, it could happen. No it couldn't, like I drink and party. Bonus points are awarded in Look At This if the other contestant spots something before you do. Where did you get that?! This is followed by a blank stare while you try to figure out what it is and where you might have possibly have gotten it. I am usually unable to figure that one out. Not sure it that is a plus or minus in points. When we gather with our friends these can be played as teams or singles. Ah to go back to the good old days when we spent time talking about the important things in life such as when Jr. first pooped in the potty. Or when one of our cuties was in trouble. These things could be discussed for hours. Now we talk about noises our bodies make. And not the funny kind, nope the new ones that mimic a door that needs oiling. Groans, creaks and pops. I forgot to mention that these noises can influence the points in What Hurts Today. Now I need to go do some deep cleaning, the bathroom is a bit scary. Looking forward to multiple What Hurts Today for tomorrows round. Bonus points for me!

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