Tuesday, November 4, 2014

We have Weather!

Ahhh cold breezes, open windows, sweats and warm socks. Vegas has weather folks. I love living here. We were wearing shorts and sandals just a day ago. Then whoosh mother nature arrived! Time for some warmer clothes. Hot soup for dinner. Cold nights and warm days. Our "freezing cold" is not truly freezing. I love the cold. For a week or so. Then I will be lamenting the fact that my car has frost on it, that the dog doesn't want to go outside in the morning, that I have to cook those warm soup dinners, that my toes are cold despite having my socks on, that the power bill is going up and so on. I will be watching the news and commenting  on the snowfall in areas my friends live in. At least I don't have that to deal with that. It will carry me through the few months of cold and before I know it, whoosh mother nature will sweep in and make it warm again. It will be spring and the warm temperature will be a welcome change. The shorts and sandals will come back out! I will be then lamenting the largeness that is me that my sweats so wonderfully camouflaged. Rain will be hopefully in store for us then. Those few months will be remembered so fondly when the heat hits. The heat that we are known for. The heat that we really only have for a few months. The really, really hot days are not that numerous. They only seem to be never ending and extreme. So see, Vegas has weather.  It is never too cold, and only a little bit too hot. Vegas has wonderful weather. Now someone remind me of that in a few months.

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