Sunday, October 19, 2014


Last night Hubby and I celebrated our 28th anniversary. We have been going through a rough patch recently. Time to shake things up a bit. Retail therapy for inspiration. Shopping! Decided to go with an open mind, to look for something different. Was inspired to go with a completely different look for the evening. Step outside my comfort zone. I chatted with the much younger associates at the shoe store, discussing my planned outfit. I asked them if it was too young for me. They lied, bless their little hearts! I bought it all. The shoes, the outfit, the lies. Driving home I had a few "What am I doing?" moments. When I walked in with my purchases, I received a raised eyebrow look from Hubby. I guess it really has been a while since I had that shoe shopping gleam in my eye. Time to get ready! I made Hubby stay out of our bedroom while I put on this new look. I tried not to listen to that little voice in my head that was saying, "You are too fat, too old and you can't dress like this!". Opened the door and walked down the hallway to Hubby sitting on the couch with eyes covered. Tada! He was smiling. I asked if it was an I like it smile or an I'm laughing at you on the inside smile. He said it was an I like smile. So what was this outfit you ask. Or not. I am going to tell you anyway. I bought a black miniskirt. I bought black stiletto booties. (Well I actually bought 2 pairs of black stiletto booties, because who buys just one pair?) Anyway I must repeat, I bought A Black Miniskirt. I am 48 years old wearing a miniskirt. I am easily that much overweight wearing a miniskirt. I'm wearing stiletto booties. Me. Conservative, sedan driving, jeans wearing, mom of 2, reptile keeping, me. I paired it with a nice black tank top, maroon sweater and tights with a subtle flower pattern. I almost chickened out. What am I thinking? I can't pull this off! I had a back up outfit just in case. With my friends texting me their encouragement, I took a deep breath and off we went. I felt like everyone was staring at me, judging me, laughing at me. You know the usual. Hubby said they were not and in fact they were all wondering how he got such a hot wife. He says just the right things. Dinner was at one of our favorite places. A little cafe inside an older local hotel/casino that is famous for their prime rib. At dinner I surprised Hubby yet again. After we sat down I said, "notice anything?" He just stared at me with that "Oh no" look. No phone. Didn't even bring it. No technology dinner! He was shocked. Apparently my phone usage can be a little excessive. Now we have to actually talk to each other. No texting, facebooking, redditing, web surfing. Nothing. Just us. You know what? We do remember how to talk. How to have fun with each other. It was wonderful. Our after dinner plans fell through because our next destination was closing. So we wound up at our favorite place to wander around. Target! Really. We have a ball just wandering around that store. Here we are all dressed up, wandering around, laughing and making a spectacle of ourselves. It was delightful. Then we headed back to the same little cafe for take home desserts. They are just as famous for those! Dessert for us and Youngest. Oldest and he had gone out for a while but he was home when we got back. He is always up for chocolate cake! We all sat on our bed and ate our decadent desserts. Sharing bites with each other. Talking and laughing. It was the perfect ending to our anniversary night. We were wiped out. Such party animals. Ready for bed at 11:00 pm. Maybe next year we can make it all the way to midnight. 

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