Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year--Resolution Time

It is the first day of 2015. Around the world people are celebrating the new year. People make all kinds of resolutions. Stop smoking, lose weight, start eating healthier, etc. These are all good ideas. But why do you have to have the start of a new year to make changes? In actuality we are changing all the time. Aging is constant. Moving forward is constantly happening. In fact most of these resolutions are long gone memories in a few months. How about some resolutions we can stick with? So here are a few of mine. I vow to keep breathing. I will continue to eat. I'm pretty sure I will keep bathing. I vow to continue to be as snarky as possible! I will spread happiness as far as I can. If only by being my silly self to entertain people. Whew that is a pretty good list right there. It might be tough, but I will keep it up. How about we all just resolve to be happy? Just decide every morning when we open our eyes that we will be a happy person today. You deserve to be happy. Find one thing everyday that makes you happy. It could be the smallest of things. The smell of that first cup of coffee. A little bug crawling along a blade of grass. Watching your sleeping child. Something that brings a smile to your face. Even if it is ever so brief. Hold on to that feeling! Positive energy is so lacking. If we decide to put the positive out there and then follow through with it the happier we all could be. It is so easy to be drawn down into the nastiness of the negative folks. Let's all decide to not allow that. Bonus: It really irks them when we stay happy in spite of them and their nastiness! So here is to 2015. A year of happiness and positivity.

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