Sunday, September 28, 2014

Concerts At My Age

Hubby and I went to see Huey Lewis and the News last night. It was a phenomenal show. His voice is still amazing. His fan base is predominantly around my age, late 40's to late 50's. Observing those in attendance was very entertaining. There were the too tan, too tight, too perky, too large to be in that tiny outfit, too much gold, too much make-up, heels way too high, and trying way too hard to stay young people. Both male and female, which I find very interesting. I used to say men are allowed to age gracefully, but seeing the men too tan, too tight, trying too hard makes me rethink this. Has the tide shifted? Do men now feel the need to appear young and vibrant like women have been pressured to for years? If you are a guy of my age and you are visiting a tanning salon you need to seriously rethink your priorities man! You are not fooling anyone, just like the women who are too tan, too tight, and trying too hard are. If you are a woman of my age and you are shopping at Forever 21 maybe you should also rethink things. I mean do you really think that too tight mini skirt is going to attract a young stud? Not while, even with that tan, the veins on your legs look like a map of LA freeways. What I loved seeing were the couples like us, older and OK with it. In jeans and tees. Khakis and button up shirts. Maxi dresses with flats. Grey hair, and grey beards. Just there to enjoy the music and perhaps relive some youthful times. Well not completely relive because now we have some "issues". Standing and dancing for an entire concert are things of the past for a lot of us. "Hang on honey my knee locked up", or "I've got to sit down my hip is killing me" are common with us now. Hearing, "down in front" used to infuriate me! No more. It was more like, "Thank God!" I was dying to sit down, but did not want to look like I had to. Now I am just being respectful of those behind me. Eventually we did join in with the crowd towards the front in an impromptu dance party. It was a throw back to the younger us, the ones who danced the entire concert and went out afterwards to party on. Our after party? A trip to Walmart for cake and ice cream. And some Ben-Gay because my hip is killing me!

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