Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Just Never Know

A tragedy has occurred in my extended family. One of our dearly loved members was brutally murdered by her ex. It was on the early news. I watched and did like everyone else, made a comment on how sad for that family, and went about my business. It was much later through a facebook post that I learned the horrible truth. Our dear Angie had been the victim of domestic violence. I knew her when she was younger. She was beautiful, but had a bit of a rough time in those younger years. I knew she would get it together. She was so sweet. I remember attending her baby shower. I admit it was hard to see her as a mom, I mean she was still just a baby to me! Even though I had not seen her in a long time, this loss has hit me hard. She was so young. She has 2 little girls. She was a good mom. She had a job. She was doing everything right. In a moment she was gone. For what? Why? What made him snap? How could he think of taking his daughter's mother away? Taking himself away from his daughter? Having any sort of crime hit my family was something I never allowed myself to think about. Now here it is. Plastered on the news, in print and social media. No problem I have seems as large as it did yesterday. All those things I was worrying about are nothing. A mother and father lost their daughter, a step-mother lost her dear step-daughter, there are siblings that are also suffering the loss. Then I think of those beautiful daughters she leaves behind. The depth of grief is almost debilitating. There will not be a trial. The ex, her murderer, is also deceased. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. I could go on about how domestic violence is too prevalent. I could, but I will not. Not now. This time is dedicated to the fact that we lost a wonderful person. The world lost a wonderful person, taken way too soon. So tonight hug your family just a little tighter, just a little longer. Because you just never know.

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shoesfixall said...

So eloquent, so simple, so true. Just when I think I cannot cry anymore, your words race thru my head. Reminding me of what is true but I still don't want to accept it. We are at a loss for words. Thank you for putting words to feelings right now. Much love.