Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me. Or not.

Today is my birthday. Or rather yesterday was since I am writing this after midnight. Last year I hated my birthday. It was the first year that momma wasn't here to wish me a happy special day. We do not celebrate our birthdays but Momma always said it was a day special to her. We got a special lunch or dinner. It was rough that first one without her. This time was different, my heart still aches to hear her say it one more time, but I was not a complete wreck about it all day. Let's discuss how I spent my "special" day shall we? I woke up at what seems to be my new wake up time, 4:00am. Today I embraced it. I got up and had my dandelion tea with a pop tart, oh who am I kidding I ate both pop tarts. MMM breakfast of champions. Then as 8:00am rolled around I decided I could use some more sleep. So I did! Waking up at 10:00am was wonderful. Now if I could just do that without the annoying disruption at 4:00! I unloaded the dishwasher or as the rest of my family calls it dish storage. Why should we have all these cabinets and drawers? Just keep it all in there, when it is empty and all the dishes are in the sink and on the counters it is time to run it again! I am such a task master to want it emptied and all the dishes put AWAY. Re-loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. Made some scrambled eggs for Hubby. He had some dental work done and a tooth was pulled. He is responding just like you would expect. Horrific pain and he just may die. He was awake long enough to take a pain pill and eat his eggs. Well almost, he was falling asleep with his eggs on his lap. I had to go take care of some errands. When I asked if he needed/wanted anything while I was out he replied food. Now I am thinking about his need to eat soft food so I am making a list in my head of soups or noodles that he would be able to eat. His list: mashed potatoes and gravy, a fish sandwich from McDonalds, and a slurpee. 3 places. I have to go to 3 places. At least 2 and then make the mashed potatoes and gravy. So 3 places it is. He enjoyed his smorgasbord. I did treat myself to a drink from Starbucks. Waged another battle in the ant war we are having this year. So tired of the little monsters in my house! Then Oldest took us all to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. Wonderful evening. And now I am 48. Much better number, by the way. I hated 47. Just an ugly number in my opinion. 48. In two years I will be 50. 50! I know I will miss Momma on June 12, 2016 just as much as today. I hope I will be able to smile. To say I miss you Momma, and have a wonderful day with my family. Hey a girl can dream can't she?

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