Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello. Over the past months I have written quite a bit here. Extensive, heart wrenching posts. I did not publish them. I suppose I have used this as one big diary. Cathartic. I wrote some very nasty things. I wrote some very sad things. Since Momma's death I have been lost. Attacked by so called loved ones at this lowest point of my life. Work stressors. School issues with Youngest. This year has been the worst ever. It is time to turn things around. I need to be more positive. My health depends on it. I am in the midst of a horrid diverticulitis attack. Have not had one that required emergency room treatment in years. I am also on anti-depressants again. Therefore this blog will be taking yet another turn! I believe we should start every day with a positive. Whether that is a statement, feeling, treat for self or others is not the important part. It is for the inner being to have a peaceful start to the day. I will also be home schooling Youngest. A new chapter in our lives for sure! Time to find my inner happy. Reconnect with my humor. Not the dark, dripping with nasty sarcasm humor I have had of late. No, the brighter side of there somewhere. So come and join me on this journey.

On Friday we are supposed to receive the textbooks for Youngest's schooling to begin. Pretty sure the student is smarter than the teacher in this case! Algebra? What? I haven't seen those formulas in many, many moons. English is, "OK I got this". Maybe. Science? All those years of Mythbusters makes me a freakin' expert! American History...uh that is what Google is for, right? The gentleman who sold us the program told me, "Feel free to contact us at any time for assistance.". So how long before my number/e-mail gets black listed there?

"OH no it is that crazy lady again!" A round of, "you talk to her this time" "NO you talk to her I did it last time" will ensue. Or it could be a "My turn! Let me talk to her. She is hysterical with her questions!"  Either way they will know who I am.

Today's happy thought: When in doubt google kitten pictures. It may not answer your question, but the few moments of joy will help clear your head. You may even think of the answer on your own!

See ya soon.


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