Friday, April 26, 2013

Good morning. Ahh today it seems the sun is a bit brighter. I think the birds singing is a bit sweeter. Maybe it is just me. Today's happy thought idea is this, you know those baby laughing videos that are all over Youtube? Well rip the audio or better yet tape a baby you know laughing. Put the audio on your phone. Use this when anyone is being nasty to you or is just being a jerk in public. No one can resist at least a smile when they hear the sounds of babies laughing. If they can, run! Cause that is one scary person. I can't wait to do this. I may use it just as a pick me up when I am having a trying day. Something I am having quite a few of lately. Time to really listen to what my body is telling me. Getting sick was a pretty severe wake up call. I only seem to hear the loudest warnings. A little twinge, oh it's just a pulled muscle. Bigger twinge, I really must have overdone, guess I better not do that again. My body, "hmmm how to really get her attention? How about a major diverticulitis attack." Yep that one got my attention. Spending hours in an ER waiting room will do that. And while it did provide some interesting entertainment, it is not a place I wish to have to be at. I really should go and apologize to the folks at the drug store. I am afraid my behavior after finally leaving ER was not pleasant. Pretty sure my pic is on a wall somewhere. Sick and in pain, starving, and having not had my depression meds all added up to a really nasty person who was not very patient at the check out line. I'm pretty sure I was taunting the security guard...maybe.

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