Thursday, July 30, 2009


To anyone still following me I am sorry. Mom's health has really thrown me for a loop. Facing her mortality is not what I want to do. EVER. Here is the Cliff Note's version. Mom tripped on something or nothing and fell. She broke her right shoulder and right hip. Hospital. Couldn't do surgery on hip until her blood thickened up. Wait. Wait. Wait. Surgery. Hip is fixed. Now she is in a rehabilitation facility and doing physical therapy every day to get strong enough to come home. Whew. The hospital was a real adventure. I would stay all night so mom would not wake up and be confused and scared. The pain medicine made her loopy. It would take a few minutes for her to orient herself as to where she was and why. She would wake up, look at me and say she was going to the bathroom. I would tell her that she couldn't. She would get so mad at me and threaten to make me clean up the bed after she wet it. I would tell her she still could not get up because her hip was broken. This is about the time she would begin to be aware. Some of her replies were so funny. My favorite, "Well that is just the sh**s isn't it." Bwahahaha. My mother does NOT curse. EVER. It was stressful. Tiresome. And I would not change it for anything. I have had the opportunity to take care of my mother for a few days after a lifetime of her taking care of me. The rehabilitation place is great. And she is doing what they tell her, which just shows how much she is trying. I can't wait until this is a distant memory, a story we share at family dinners, at mom's house.

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