Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Hot

It has just been disgustingly hot. Too hot to do anything. Too hot to move. I have been cleaning after the sun goes down. Way after the sun goes down. Like doing dishes at 3:00am. Grocery shopping at 8:00pm. Not a bad time to go. They are usually beginning to restock the shelves then. And the entertainment factor is definitely increased. Tonight the floor show belonged to a large, young lady. She was in an extra large tee that was made into a dress, the sleeves cut off, the neck cut. Cut very low. No bra. And her surprisingly small "girls" for her size, sat wide and were not perky. Sad actually, too young for them to be headed south already. Anyway her tee shirt had some sort of castle picture on it, well as much as you could see after the cuts to the tee. Her thin tee clung to her rolls and lumps that jiggled as she clomped along. Blue bikini panties. Electric blue. You could tell because the tee was very thin. As my Oldest pointed out, just be glad she had some on! And to finish it off, leopard print pumps. She was working it, though. From her straight greasy hair to those pumps she was quite pleased with her look. It was like a train wreck. You had to look. I feel the need to share it with you so you can enjoy her look, too. I was worried because my hair bob is black and my dress is brown. At least I had a bra on. As far as you know....

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