Sunday, June 7, 2009

What day is it?

I don't know. Called doc yesterday morning because I was coughing so much and I felt just horrible. He said he would call something in for me. God bless codeine. My last clear memory was taking it and saying I needed a nap. Blissful coughless sleep. It was wonderful. I slept and slept. I woke up and ate something, then slept some more. Last time I woke up it was dark. Youngest was asleep on the couch, a Disney movie playing. Hubby was going to bed, in Youngest's bed. I don't blame him. It is not pleasant in here. Still feel yucky, but not coughing up a lung. I will have to venture forth tomorrow and see what I have missed the past couple of days. I am afraid of the kitchen. Last time I walked in there, the sink growled at me. Oh and another thing where the heck does the thermometer go? It was in the cabinet and now it isn't. I must have 5 or 6 of those little suckers because I have to buy a new one every time someone gets sick. Someone besides me, that is. I am not going to buy a new one. I KNOW if I have a temp or not. I can tell. Hubby is insistent on the exact number. Psh. I feel like crap, my eyes are burning I have a fever. Just leave me alone! Bring me water and some soup, then leave me alone. Oh and a bag for my snot rags. And could you make me some tea? THEN leave me alone. Poor guy. It is a good thing I don't get sick often. Besides he will have it 10 times worse than me next week. I bet it is the plague this time. Better save some codeine. For him. Yeah...for him...

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