Monday, June 8, 2009

Mom's aren't allowed to be sick.

I will be declaring myself well in the morning. I have to be up and around. Nothing got done. No one did dishes or laundry, or any other domestic type thing around here. In fact I think they went out of their way to make extra messes so I would feel needed. Aren't they special? I am so blessed. So even if I still have a fever, chills, extended coughing spells culminating in choking and gagging, and sneezing fits I have to leave my comfy bed and join the living. I can't wait. I took a quick glance around when I took my tea cup into the kitchen. What the heck did they do in there? Process a water buffalo? Where are all the spoons? Not in the sink. Not in the drawer. Evidently there is a marauding band of spoon thieves and they hit us hard. Where did all the dirty dishes come from? We had fast food because no one else can cook either. I am in awe of my family's abilities to destroy a clean house in just a matter of days. Kudos to them! I should hire them out for demo jobs. Tomorrow will be a clean and disinfect day. I may have to include myself in that. Whew, I got a whiff of me earlier. Not roses and daffodils that is for sure. So now I will crawl into my bed, snuggle under my fuzzy blankie, cuddle with my dog (he doesn't care what I smell like), and take one last hit of glorious codeine cough medicine. Because tomorrow I have to be cured. Maybe. I could just shut the door....

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