Friday, June 5, 2009

Last day of school!

Yes that was today. Last day of 2nd grade for Youngest. He was so excited this morning. I remember that feeling. The feeling of freedom. Weeks and weeks of summer vacation lay ahead. No worries. No responsibilities. Ahhh. He finished out the year with A-B grades. Honor roll again. Goals for the summer are to keep reading. He loves it and I need to make sure he continues to love it. Too many boys lose that. He wants to do math. He set a goal of learning his multiplications this summer. He is already doing some of them. I used to HATE those timed multiplication tests. I almost had panic attacks every time. He seems to thrive on them. I suppose I will be making some of those up this summer, too. His teacher was wonderful this year. She made him his own spelling words because he was farther ahead than the other kids. She was so great at challenging him. Unfortunately this kind of teacher is rare. Well rare here because we can't keep good teachers. The pay for those we entrust with our children is so low it is appalling. Going to get him his own library card this week. He is excited about it. I may just have to look around there myself. The library was always such a haven to me when I was little. An escape from my life. Books were my saving grace for many years. He enjoyed science stuff this year, too. I looked into the science summer program. Yikes! I believe I can do many of the same experiments myself. A good book and some supplies and we will have our own summer science camp. I may learn something, too. Plan for tomorrow is to sleep in! Already turned off the alarm. Now someone tell me how to turn off the dog's alarm.

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