Thursday, June 18, 2009

My world is fantastically awesome!

Today let's discuss when people tell you how happy they are, how happy their life is, how wonderful their significant other is over and over and over and over.... Who are they trying to convince you or themselves? I vote for both. It is so annoying to deal with someone like this. You just want to scream at them, "What is really going on?". Usually you already know though. I know someone who is continually telling everyone that her boyfriend is so wonderful, fantastic, delightful, wonderful, loving, wonderful and did I mention wonderful. Only everyone knows he is a cheat and he is using her for her money. She must know it deep down, too. The bad thing about these people is they are usually very judgmental, too. They have to be. Their life is so horrible they can't deal with it so they must make everyone else look and feel bad. They tell you how great their life is and then what is wrong with yours. I am working on my attitude regarding these people. I think I should feel sorry for them. I let them tell me what is wrong with me, but I KNOW I am fine. I know that they are trying to make themselves feel better. At least for that moment in time they are leaving someone else alone. Someone who might not be able to deal with the negativity. Taking a cue from my sister I imagine sending them uplifting bubbles. I see the iridescent bubbles surrounding them and lifting them up. I don't know it if helps them, but it helps me. Or you can imagine that you have a sharpie and are drawing on their face. Not that I have ever done that. Nope not me. Or you can just tell them that YOUR life is so fantastic and wonderful and awesome before they can tell you about theirs. A pre-emptive strike so to speak. The look on their face is worth it, trust me.

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