Monday, June 22, 2009

I am back!

Sorry for the absenteeism. I had a flare up of my diverticulitis. The past few days are a blur of horrific pain, medicine and more pain. When will I learn I have to eat the way I am supposed to? You know I really like the foods I am supposed to have, but the minute I was told I had to eat that way I began to rebel. So I am back on the low impact diet, drinking my water and being good. Well except for tonight. Tonight was a fish fry at MMQC's (= Mary Mary Quite Contrary or my mother). My oldest brother went fishing a few weeks ago. It was stream trout. Can't turn that down. Of course MMQC began calling around 12:30 to find out when we would be there. Dinner at 5:30 or 6:00. Many more phone calls regarding what to have with it, what to drink, what for dessert. I told her to not worry about any of it. I would bring the sides and dessert. When I got there the fish were laying out on the counter and the table was completely set. I have never actually cooked the fish. I remember catching and cleaning them, (and I can bait my own hook too so there!), but mom or dad did the cooking. Apparantly I was going to do the cooking tonight. OK I am game for it. She got out the flour and the eggs. I did the flour wrong. I had too little. Should we put milk in the eggs? I took a shot and said yes. Yay, right answer! One for me. It was my only victory. You see I had too much oil in the pan. The oil was too hot. When I was not looking she turned my burners OFF. So I put my nice coated fish in and nothing. No pop or snap. Barely a sizzle. "Your oil is not hot enough." Hey thanks for the hint there MMQC. I got a platter down to put the fish on as they came out of the pan. Only it was the wrong one. Of course it was. The right one was buried way back in the cabinet, under a ton of other plates. I should have known that was the correct one. Alrighty correct platter ready now back to the fish. Daddy and I had a little system going. I was breading the fish and putting them in the pan. He was checking them and when they were done I took them out and gave them to him. He was deboning them. Of course we cooked the fish all wrong. According to dear hubby. He should know better than to jump in with MMQC. Really dear, do you want to mess with me when I am already dealing with MMQC? I gave him a look that must have communicated that and more because he went to pout on the couch. Finally we were all able to sit down and eat. Well except for MMQC, she doesn't eat fish. Really she doesn't eat much besides, say it with me now, Marie Calendar's vegetable soup. Since I was fresh out of that she had some bread and a few bites of broccoli. Now she is the one who planned this dinner. I would have happily cooked something for her, chicken or a nice veggie dish. Of course I would not have made it right. I bet it would have been too chickeny, or even too veggie-ey. The boys, Daddy and I had a lovely dinner. I was in heaven with that trout. Youngest had picked out chocolate brownie ice cream for dessert. The boys, Daddy and Hubby are thrilled with that choice. I bought MMQC her own individual vanilla ice cream because I know she doesn't like chocolate. She had to have a big bite of it, though. Then she could tell me how terrible it was. "Too chocolatey." I kid you not, she said that. I almost choked on my soda. Let's review shall we, the boys, Daddy and I had a wonderful dinner and dessert. Hubby and MMQC had to have a terrible time. It is their nature. So was it worth it? YES!! When it comes down to it, not much really affects my eating. Not MMQC. Not Hubby. Not digestive issues. Probably not even having my jaw wired shut. I would probably invent the steak and potato shake. Don't steal my idea...I will find you.

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