Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Part 2

Today we had such a grand time with MMQC. She wanted a Diet Dr. Pepper. We headed to the convenience store by her house. It is a nice one. We entered and headed right to the sodas. I found her Diet DP and asked how many she wanted. Just 2. Done, right? Nope. She wandered around every aisle. And around. And around. Picking up things randomly. "Do I want this?" I don't know do you? "No, I guess not. What about this. What is it?" It is cookies, mom. "Oh I don't like those cookies." Then it was off to the chip aisle. *sigh* Repeat the above sentences only substitute chips for cookies. Arghhh. We were in a convenience store for 20 minutes! I think the workers were getting nervous. They must have thought we were casing the joint for a robbery. Can you imagine? Senior citizen woman and her gang rob convenience store, story at 11:00. We finally get her to the cashier to pay for her sodas. At the counter there was even more stuff to look at. "Wow look at this a big pretzel dipped in chocolate. Would you just look at that." Yep mom it is a pretzel. Can you give the lady the $3.92? It was a new experience for us, spending that much time in a convenience store. An experience I hope to never repeat! We took her home and hung out for a while. Didn't have a lot of time because it was finally nail day. I had to cancel the last one because I was at death's door. It is so nice to have that hour to myself. To just sit and be pampered a bit. My nail tech, my friend, Debbie is the best. She is sweet and funny. And talented. My nails are an object of admiration by many. She does the gel overlays very thin. Aha there is something on me that is thin! I mean besides my hair. Anyway after an hour of gossip and pampering I am a new woman. I am able to deal with my family, my life, traffic. The usual stressors. I found a new yarn store by searching on line. I wanted to check it out today because it is between my home and the salon. They closed at 4:00pm. What kind of store closes at 4:00pm? Odd I know. I was all set for some yarn. I decided to hit Michael's instead. No yarn intrigued me there. But they did have a sale on some jewelry making items. I bought 2 beautiful pendants. Now I have to learn to make necklaces. Or figure out something to do with them. Did I tell you they were pretty? Really pretty. And on sale, too. I will figure something out to do with them. I will, too. Really. Don't you look at me in that tone of voice! Hmpf.

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