Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sorry for not keeping up this weekend. I was wiped out every night. Saturday and Sunday were just as wonderful as Friday. Enjoyed every minute of the convention. Had lovely visits with the family. In fact we had a family dinner Sunday night. We took over the Marie Calendar's. We were a loud bunch. Laughing and talking around a large table. My great nephew of 22 months to my father of 81 years young. All ages in between. Slightly smaller group had breakfast Monday morning. Smaller group, still loud. After breakfast, we went to one of those pick your own fruit places. I was not keen on doing it. It is fruit. I can go in the store and pick it out of the bins without getting dirty or hot. We paid the entry fee and got our wagon. First up was the blueberries. There were rows and rows of them. I wandered along behind my men, who were having a ball. Youngest insisted I pick some. *sigh* fine I will. Here is a big one. Plop it just fell off into my hand! Yep I was hooked. We picked tons of blueberries, some pluats, apricots, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. And we had a blast doing it. Finding all the ripest ones and maneuvering the wagon through the rows and rows. I still can't believe how much fun it was. And yet in the back of my mind was that thought, the one about how something was off. How something was missing. Or someone. Not having Oldest with us was just awful. I hope he had some of the same feelings while he was home. Alone. Missing out on all the fun and family stuff. Yes I know he will be 20 in 7 weeks. Mentally I get it. The mommy in me refuses to. We were having a lovely visit with my sister, her daughters and their families. Right up until I decided I was not getting enough attention and fell. On the floor. Face first. Actually I broke my fall with my lips. I will elaborate on that tomorrow. I am tired. It was a long drive home.

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