Friday, May 29, 2009

Trip-Day 2

I could not sleep. I don't know if it was the bed or being in a different environment but I could not get any sleep. Getting up was hard. I laid there for a while contemplating getting into the shower. It took a while to get moving but we got out just a little later than we wanted to. Being us it was not going to go that smoothly. We got lost. Well not lost exactly, we went to the wrong place. We knew how to get there so that is not technically lost. 2 phone calls and one stranger's directions later we finally found the correct place. NO parking. Of course. There was one lot that was charging $10.00. Hubby was pulling out when I politely mentioned that he was not wearing 3 inch heels and if he expected me to walk he was sadly mistaken. OK so politely is not really the accurate way to put it. I was snippy. You might even say cranky. You might, but you really shouldn't because I am not completely over the snippiness. I paid the $10.00. I hate being late anywhere. We were late. We missed the beginning song and prayer. Once we were seated I began to relax. Today's program was so wonderful. Very encouraging and uplifting. My aunt made lunch for us all. It was so sweet. She had sandwiches, chips and even some dessert items! Spent some time with my sister, niece and great nieces. A lovely couple was sitting behind us and we became fast friends with them. Hubby and I find friends everywhere we go. People seem to be comfortable talking to us. Sometimes they are too comfortable. I have learned way too much about some many people I just met.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary was too cold today. It was a bit chilly in there and since her blood is like water she is easily chilled. Tomorrow I am bringing a blanket for her. Other than that only everything bothered her. Babies who were too loud or crying too much. Children running around. People talking too loud. My father. The usual. See you all tomorrow.

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