Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home is not so sweet

Returning home from vacation sick is just wrong. I have so much to do. The mountain of dirty trip clothes. Completely unpacking and putting luggage back in storage. Transferring pictures to the computer and printing some out for the grandparents who are not computer literate yet. All of that on top of the usual household stuff: stocking kitchen, cooking, dishes, and other housecleaning stuff. I knew yesterday that I was getting ill. I tried to convince myself it was allergies. Nope. Called my doctor this morning. My doc and his office are a little laid back. My appointment, "sometime before 11:00am". I really need a time that I HAVE to be there. I need to have a time to be late for. I took forever to wash my face, put on some make-up, brush and braid my hair. Showed up at 10:30am. To a room full of others who also had the show up before 11:00 appointment time. Ugh! They were some entertaining folks though, so all was not lost. Finally got called in at 10:50. My blood pressure was good, temperature was not. Doc walked in and said to me, "Wow, you look bad". Hey thanks, that is how I am feel, too. What are the odds? Looked at my ears and throat, "hey you have your tonsils still?!" I must be some type of enigma or just a freak, whichever you choose, because I still have mine. Oh well sinus infection and possible strep throat. Double shot of penicillin and oral anti-biotic. Now in his office there are 2 nurses. One is a fantastic shot giver, and the other is a Olympic javelin chucking wannabe. Guess who I got? I almost cried. My butt was on fire. His last bit of doctorly orders, "get lots of rest". Hmm do I get another family to go with those orders? Cause I need one. Today was the last day of all day school. Tomorrow is the end of the year party and it is a half day. We always give gift bags to all the kids in the class. Bubbles are a staple. And lots of candy. You would think someone could go get these things. Someone other than me, you know the ill mommy. You would think wrong. We went shopping and of course the bubbles were difficult to find this year. But all is well. We found the bubbles, ring pops and packages of Starburst. We also went grocery shopping because my larder was empty due to the trip. Hubby put groceries away. I took a nice long nap. Shocking! I know. Even more shocking, Oldest actually made dinner. Hubby served me ice cream in bed. It has been a nice evening even if my throat and butt are still burning. Oh and the antibiotics Doc prescribed, ARE HUGE. Evidently I really am the size of a horse. Now I need to go choke one down and get in bed. Have to be up early for Youngest's last day of 2nd grade. *Sniff*. I won't cry. Much.

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