Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random thoughts

Why does my dish drainer get dirty? I only put clean dishes into it. The water that drains off it is clean water. It is stored under my sink. So why today did I spend 10 minutes scrubbing in between the plate separators and the silverware holders? What the heck was that slimy stuff? Where did that come from?! Are there snails in my cupboard having rail races in the grooves? I guess I could buy a new one, but why? This one still works. I mean how do you break one? It holds dishes and drains the water into the sink. So it works. But how does it get dirty? I bet I could get the government to spend millions to study it.

Next item for discussion: I actually contemplated purchasing a box of rubber bands. I used to have drawers stuffed with those things. A few days ago I needed one. I could not find one anywhere. Even without getting the newspaper I seemed to still acquire them. They are all gone. I refuse to pay for rubber bands! I used 2 twisty ties, those I have tons of. Drawers full of them. They have taken over the rubber band's territories. Was there a mob war in my drawers? (*snort* war in my drawers, sounds like the after effects of a bad burrito! *snicker.) It seems everyone has had the same thing. Rubber bands are disappearing from drawers all over this country. I know of only 1 family that still gets a newspaper delivered. Everyone else I know gets their news from the Internet and television. Even the comics and coupons are online somewhere. Taking the daily paper seems an awfully expensive way to get rubber bands. Pay for rubber bands, I think not!

3rd random thought: There is a new store here that has a discounted food section. Depending on how close the expiration date is dictates how much the discount is. Now I am a huge bargain shopper. I see a 50% off shoe sale banner and I begin frothing at the mouth. I don't have the same feeling at a food discount sale. OOO hummus 50% off does not speak to me like a 30% off sale at JC Penneys. Am I a snob? I admit to purchasing a few things from the discounted food section. Safe things. Things with lots of preservatives. What is next? Fast food places already have their special menus for .99 or $1.00. But can you imagine a sale at McDonalds on soon to be outdated meat hamburgers? Or 31 flavors selling the rejected flavors at 75% off. Applebees' "Come see what is on the going out in the trash tomorrow unless you order it menu". OK I know I am being silly, that is what goes in the chili.

4th random thought: I don't own an iron. Really. I used to have one. It may very well be here somewhere. I have no idea where. But when was the last time I said to myself "Wow I can't wear this without ironing it". That would be never. My mother is the one who insisted I had to iron things. If it is not wash and wear I don't own it. Isn't that what dryers are for? Too wrinkled to wear? Toss in the dryer with a damp washrag and before you know it wrinkles are gone. Or they are gone enough to wear it anyway. I don't know about how your house is but around here it is a major accomplishment just to get all of us out the door on time. On time with a just a few wrinkles is a victory! I saw a TV infomercial for a newfangled iron with all kinds of features, "It steams, it irons!". First time a new electric appliance did not make me salivate. Made me think, huh what the heck would I do with that? And I turned the channel in time to see the neatest sandwich maker infomercial. And it was only 2 easy payments of $19.99. Now that is something I can use. It should be here Tuesday.

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