Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Neighbors. Ahh they can be wonderful or they can be nightmares. I am blessed to have good ones at this moment. Others are not so fortunate. A friend of mine was lamenting her nightmare neighbors. He was doing repairs to his vehicle at 2 in the morning. Now because I live in Las Vegas this was not a new thing to me. Here it is either they are working graveyard shifts or they are meth heads. I pray they are the former. But have had my share of the latter. Anyway I was intrigued with the fact that the definition of nightmare neighbor does not mean the same to everyone. Just mention it and you will get a wonderful array of entertaining stories. We live in a nice neighborhood. Calm and quiet. Across the street lived a very nice older couple. He was quite the handyman. Could fix just about anything. He would build all kinds of contraptions for people. People came and went. And came and went. Turns out he was a HUGE drug dealer! I was shocked. I mean they were the nicest people. Contrast this with the nice single woman who moved in next door. She had no children and in the beginning only one sweet dog. After welcoming her to the neighborhood I made the biggest mistake ever. I told her to let me know if I could help her with anything. Soon she was at my door all the time. I typed her resume. Well I was just supposed to update it, but being the OCD person I am I completely redid it so it looked and sounded more professional. I guess that one is more on me than her. One of the last things I did was to take both her large dogs to the vet. I am not even sure how it happened. First I was driving her to take them, that somehow became just me taking them. She was goooood let me tell you. Catty corner to us is a nice young man. Now I like him. Hubby well he is not too fond of him. You see one time he knocked on the door and asked for a cup of sugar to finish making cookies with his little sisters. How sweet is that? A day later when Hubby pulled into the driveway he walked up and asked him, "Is your daughter home." (For those of you who don't know, we only have boys.) Hubby said, "What daughter?" "The blond." Hubby said, "You mean my WIFE." He came in and told me the neighbor wanted to see his daughter. I started cracking up. Wait, he was serious. See, a sweet young man. I am a little concerned about his eyesight though. He still waves at me but no more baked goods have come my way. At another place we lived we had a lovely woman who had several health issues. We would help her with her groceries and yard work. I hope she thought we were good neighbors. In fact in this neighborhood everyone is pretty nice. Ummm does that mean that WE are the weirdos? No. Well there was that one time my dog got out and I was walking up and down the street in my well worn, mismatched jammies and pink fuzzy slippers, face smeared with previous night's make up and hair coming out all over from my slept in braid calling him. But everyone has done that, right? Right???? And Hubby only yells, "Slow down" to the cars that are really racing on the street. And everyone goes out when it rains to dance in it, even if it is 1:00 in the morning. Right? Oh my goodness we ARE the neighborhood freaks! There is hope, a vacancy across the street. I wonder when that old couple are getting out of prison.....

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