Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ran out of day and energy yesterday. So I guess that means 2 entries today? Well I have enough to talk about. Took MMQC, (Mary Mary Quite Contrary = Mom), to the doc today. She was late because we got there at 2 minutes to her appointment time. I forgot we were on old people time. The office was running behind. So she had to have her "if they wanted me here at 10:15 why don't they tell me to be here then" rant. We were called and in the room at :05 after her appointment time. *sigh* Her blood was not good today. Too thick this time. Last time too thin. Trying to get her blood at the right number is proving to be near to impossible! After the appointment it was food time. I bet you cannot guess where we went. Surprise! Marie Calendar's. They were serving breakfast, though so that is a change I suppose. And she did not have soup, even thought the waitress said she could have it. Yes the waitress remembered her. *sigh* She ordered a Denver omelet. I almost fell off my chair. She ate 1/3 of her omelet, 1/2 the blueberry banana loaf, and 1 slice of toast with jam. I was in shock. Maybe her teeth are getting better. Maybe we are not going to be locked into vegetable soup forever? Or we could go other places for lunch than Marie's?! Please don't tease me. I don't believe you. Next we had the "should I go to the store, do I have to go to the store" dilemma. Oldest and I decided she was fine and did not need to. Decided that Daddy would be fine with a salad for lunch tomorrow. I don't think I have shared my father's lunches with you. Oh you are in for a treat today! My father gets a 4 or 5 course meal at lunch. She sends an appetizer, an entree, 2 sides, a dessert and a snack for later! He also gets cookies for his mid morning snack. His lunches are better than my dinners! His entrees are roast with gravy or 2 pieces of chicken, or steak. He always gets pudding with cool whip. Jello with fruit and cool whip, during the summer. Really, these are his lunches. Then he doesn't want dinner when he gets home. Is it any wonder? Of course that irritates her to no end. Yet another *sigh*. I have to go to my nail appointment so the wonderful adventure in the convenience store will have to wait until later.

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