Monday, June 15, 2009

Meaningless Monday

Mondays are just the worst aren't they? I just can't get moving now that I don't have a job. In fact I lose track of what day it is. If it wasn't for the TV guide I could be lost for days! Or at least until the weekend when the shows are different. I didn't even look for a job today. So I played hooky from my job of finding a job. My boss (me) better not find out. She is a mean one, too. On the home front, 2 days and 3 trips to Lowe's and a few rather descriptive and inventive curse words later the toilet is fixed! No leaks. Thank you Hubby!! And bonus the floor is so clean in there. I don't even want to put the garbage can back in. How spoiled are we that it was just awful to only have 1 bathroom? Horrors. You would have thought we had to go out back to the outhouse! The whining and carrying on. Sadly that was me. Having to walk allllll the way down the hallway was just agony. Thank goodness no one had any "intestinal issues". I don't even want to think about that. Now that I am on a whining tangent I have another thing just burning my butt. Youngest and his picky eating. I am so tired of "I am not eating that". For 2 weeks he has been living on Frosted Flakes and turkey sandwiches that he makes for himself. I refuse to make a separate meal for him! So I am trying my mother's "he will eat when he is hungry" idea. I don't think it is working. He is winning. The 8 year old is out thinking me. That is just not right. He is not supposed to know everything until he is a teenager, right?

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