Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oopsie. Missed a day!

You must think my birthday was so wild and crazy I needed a day to recover. You would be so wrong. Wild and crazy at my age is having the enchilada platter without taking my heartburn meds first! Whoohoo way to walk on the wild side, right? I had a lovely birthday lunch with my mommy. You know MMQC. She was really good. I think that was my present! Unfortunately she broke a tooth and we had to go to the dentist. As a walk in emergency. That was really pleasant. It was freaks and weirdos day at the dentist. And they all had to sit next to me. There was an old couple who were fighting. He can't do anything right and that stupid koi pond is too close to the fence. I now know a lot about k0i ponds. And whether a fence constitutes part of the building. They discussed these things at length. Loudly. A tech called her name and she got up took a few steps, turned around and asked if he was coming or not. In that tone that means get up. Now. He got up and followed her. A smartly dressed business woman and her young son entered. The business woman was just not up to hearing her son tell her all about a video game or a movie or a movie based on a video game or a video game based on a movie. She was doing the "ahha hmmm" nod that we mom's sometimes do. But I was appropriately appalled at her lack of mothering skills. Tsk tsk, I thought self righteously. Think that one will come back to bite me on the butt? Yeah, me too. Next came the rather large blind lady. I mean she had to be 5 foot 8 or taller. And loud. Evidently sound takes a while to get to us shorties. I wanted to tell her it didn't. One of the techs was helping her out to a chair while she waited for a taxi. I thought if I keep quiet enough she will not know I am here. Wrong. She must have heard me breathing. Taxi arrived rather quickly. I was surprised and relieved. I was alone. Quiet. Another old couple. At least they were not arguing. In fact they did not speak. If you didn't see them get out of the same car you would have no idea they were together. He read a book he brought and she read one of the magazines they had in the office. At least they are quiet. Lastly was another older woman, a rather loud older woman. You know the kind who enter huffing and puffing telling the room all about how they barely got there alive. The traffic was just awful. She was sure she was going to be killed by some idiot driver. The receptionist looked up, she must have recognized her voice. As she started to sign the receptionist said to her, "Your appointment is for next Friday. June 19th not June 12th." They argued back and forth for a few moments until the lady seemed to get it. She sat down and said, "I need to rest a bit before I head back out in that! And it just so hot. I need to cool off." I noticed when she said that something that had escaped my notice, she was wearing a crocheted hat. It was positioned sideways on her head. Made her head look like it was lopsided on her shoulders, maybe it was who knows. I thought well no wonder you are hot. Take the beanie off. I was contemplating exactly what color her beanie was, black, blue, dark gray when the inner office door opened and mommy emerged, smiling again. Now we had the pleasure of driving back across town in rush hour traffic. She is going to wear a hole in the passenger floor soon. I keep picturing a Flinstone stop one day. I told her that brake is not working so just relax. Then I ran the yellow light. "Gasp. That was red! Gasp." As she clutched her chest with one hand and the door with the other. It was not red. I know red and it was yellow. Could have been a pale shade of red by the time I exited the intersection. Maybe. But it was yellow when I started. It took all my will power to not gun it through the next intersection. Mwahahahaha. We went to Target for a bridal shower present, which is a topic for another day. Home finally and my silly family thought I was cooking dinner! NO WAY. It is my birthday. I get today off. "So what was yesterday's reason? Your prebirthday day off?" My Youngest is really getting witty. Isn't he just precious? I don't think he will make it to his next birthday.

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