Friday, June 12, 2009

My birthday.

Since it is after midnight it is technically my birthday. I am 43 today. Just a number, right? I can't say it is bothering me to be 43. It is bothering me to be this rather large size at this age. Or at any age. I have never had a hard time losing weight. Until now. And exercising. No way. I get winded just taking the Wii fit out of the box. I stopped and had some ice cream to recharge. My doctor suggested walking for exercise. Ummm I have a car, why would I walk anywhere? Duh. I told him I had purchased the Wii Fit. He said, "buying it and using it are 2 different things". Pretty snarky there doc. That is why I love him. So I got the thing out, hooked it up and turned it on. Made my Me. She was so cute. Then you set up your file. No one told me that it WEIGHS you! I do not own a scale. I refuse to deal with numbers. Not only did it lie, but it made my Me short and pudgy. That is just wrong. Way to inspire me to not throw the thing through the window. Yeah I know I wouldn't do that. I probably couldn't throw it that far. But I pushed on. First test done. I have really good balance. Of course I do. I have to. If I fall I just roll around and around like a top until someone comes along to help me up. I did the Hula Hoop really well. I was energized by my success. This is when stick boy enters the picture. Youngest is 4 and 1/2 feet tall and about 3 inches wide. He wanted to join me. How sweet I thought, something we can do together. Let's do the running one he says. We start out with a nice light jog. Hey this is kinda fun. There are people on the track and dogs running around. I am just keeping a steady pace. He starts to heckle me! Come on mother, you have to at least keep the guy leading in sight. "In sight" was said dripping with sarcasm. Where does he get that?! I noticed that my chest was burning and my legs were like jello. What is this a marathon? 20 miles? Where is the end? "Mother we are at the halfway point." I almost cried. I stopped. The Me in the lead turned his head around to look at me! Great now he is going to ridicule me. I started jogging again. Youngest is now finished and waiting for me to show up on the screen. I saw the finish line and then I think I blacked out. Woke up on the couch and trying to remember what breathing felt like. Youngest, "Lets do the long one!" No honey mommy is going to crawl into her room and die now. You go right ahead though. I have not tried it since. I have toyed with the idea on occasion. Going so far as to take the box out and look at it. But that Me will mock me I just know it. I suppose I will have to resort to cutting back on the amount of unhealthy food I consume. I will save opining on that for another time. I need a snack.

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