Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It was a mom day today. Yep. Mary Mary Quite Contrary Day. Yay for me. Been a while because I have been ill. Bronchitis and strep throat. Cannot expose her to these germs. Today we went to Costco. Both boys and I arrived at her house at 11:20. She was eating a salad. She said, "I just need a chicken and paper towels from Costco. Then can we go to Trader Joe's?" Good, I thought to myself, I wanted a sammich from there. She likes their veggie sandwich. Then can get the boys some cheap fast food. I am so a good mother! Psh. Like you have never done that. Anyway, we pile in her car and I head out towards Costco. We get to the corner and she asks "What is for lunch? I am starving." Fabulous. So much for the Trader Joe's idea. I mention it to her without really expecting her to go for it. For my family members and those who have read some of my MMQC stories you know where she meant. She may say "wherever". But she does not mean it. She means "drive me to Marie Calendar's NOW". I let her babble about the places we were passing. She acted surprised when we pulled into the Marie's parking lot. It was packed. Good for the economy bad for her attitude. I really felt sorry for the hostess by the time we got up to the little podium. "Where did all these people come from? Don't they know I want to eat here now?" The hostess let out an uncomfortable laugh. We were seated in a timely manner. Really we were. But to MMQC it was foooorrrrrever. Then her food took too long. Of course it did. Her soup was also extra hot. "Did you heat this one twice?" Poor waitress. Lots of pepper in it. At least it was not too soupy this time! Finally off to Costco. Her dash in for chicken and paper towels took 45 minutes. Wandering and wandering. All the while having a conversation with herself. It went something like this: "Do I want this?" "Hmmm do you think your father would like this?" "Oh he won't eat it." "That looks good." "No it looks salty." That one I must admit was a new one. What exactly does "salty" look like? Every time I tried to answer what I thought was her question she answered it herself. After all that wandering she left with 1 chicken, 1 package of paper towels, almond butter and strawberry preserves. We literally went down every aisle. On the way home she wanted to know why she was so tired. Oldest piped up from backseat, "Well we just hiked the north 40!" I wonder where he gets that sarcasm. Not from me that is for sure.

Friday she wants to go to Trader Joe's. I can't wait.

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