Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you teach compassion?

Can you? Compassion and empathy. How do you overcome greedy attitudes and teach them to be compassionate of others plights? Does age matter? Is it easier to teach the young? I am finding that selfish teenagers are not capable of being taught but older ones are. And having doesn't matter. They can have a lot or almost nothing and still have the attitude of it is all for me. Very upsetting. Especially when they seem to deliberately hurt others for their own selfish gain all the while smiling and appearing to be sweet. Or even worse use God as a reason for their actions. When their actions are NOT in line with our loving creator. OK enough musings. Will continue to think on this one.

Spent a very decadent day laying in bed. I do feel better. That is why it was decadent. I should have gotten up and done more housework. Yeah, I should have. Eh you know what? No matter what time I got up the messes were still there. They didn't go anywhere. No magic elves or fairies came in and took care of it. Stupid Disney getting my hopes up. So I was lazy today. I think it was a good idea. Tomorrow I will be the domestic goddess once again. I will be assigning tasks to my resident slaves. The have to do everything. Just ask the little one. He is especially picked on. Do you realize he has to pick up is own toys. AND put them in his room. AND put them away properly. I am a slave driver I tell ya. Well that is enough for tonight. See you all tomorrow.

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