Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family trip--Day 1

I am NOT a morning person. I have never been a morning person. I am sure I will never be a morning person. This is the first time in I can't remember how long that we left for a family trip at a human hour. Historically Hubby is up before God yelling that we are late and need to get a move on. We all pile into the car sleepy, hungry and very cranky. This year we got up at a decent time! Then he made us all a nice breakfast of egg, cheese, and spinach burritos. MMM. Tasty. I had a hot shower, breakfast and coffee. The sun was shining when we left. I had make-up on! We were also not traveling with anyone else this time. We could go our way, our speed and stop when we wanted. The only problem was that Oldest stayed home. That was soooo hard. I wanted to just pick him up and throw him in the car with us. Of course he is almost 20 years old, 6 foot and 250lbs so that is not really an option. Waving goodbye to him and my little bundle of fluff was a new and truly horrible experience. Fluff kept jumping in the car and Oldest was staying out of it. Leaving after the morning rush means hardly any traffic. So much less stressful. We listened to the radio and sang along with the oldies station. It was really fun. Even when Youngest began to be a bit whiny, Hubby kept his cool. No yelling. A new personal best for him! I am not sure what happened to my family...alien abduction? I don't care. Keep them until we are home again. We arrived in Bakersfield and guess who forgot the map of where we were going? Ooopsee. I knew the hotel name and street name. I kinda sorta remembered the map from Google. Amazingly we found it. Of course the great big sign beside the freeway helped. Unloaded, unpacked and ready to go forth and discover what was around us here all before the remaining members of the family arrived. Going to dinner was briefly discussed but we did not really want to wait. I was starving. So we did our own thing again. *gasp* This is becoming a habit. A habit I really, really like. We even took a walk for ice cream after dinner. Then the tragedy occured. Youngest has forgotten his lovey! His precious stuffed puppy. He sleeps with it every night. I swore he put it in the car with his blanket. He just knows he will not be able to sleep at all. I bribed him with shopping for a different puppy tomorrow. A trip puppy. Hey it sounded good at the time. I am not good at coming up with stuff like that on the spur of the moment. I know Mother of the Year is not my title!

It is quiet in this little home away from home. The two of them are sleeping. I need to get some sleep, too. Tomorrow is a day of spiritual edification. Goodnight. See you all tomorrow. A whole day with Mary Mary Quite Contrary. Should be a hoot.

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