Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tonight we watched the 100 top rock songs on VH-1. What a nice walk down memory lane. Late 6o's thru late 70's for Hubby. I pick up there and then we both go thru the 90's. He has since gone back to the music of his teen years because modern music is "crap". When did he get old? I keep up with the modern stuff. I have kids. I have to. What I find very entertaining was that Youngest knew more than I thought of those classic rock tunes. Thank you Rock Band! He was rocking out to all the greats. AC/DC, Ozzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, etc. Oldest has discovered Hubby's music as well as mine. He has a very eclectic music collection. We are finally at a point where we can put on music we can all agree on. That did not happen to me with my family. My parents were Patsy Cline and Perry Como. Or even worse twangy country! Ugh. That was torture. Brother and I were Rolling Stones and Peter Frampton. Yeah there was no middle ground on our trips. AND there were no I-pods. It was even before walkmans. We were at their mercy on long car trips. I can still sing most of Patsy's songs to this day. How strange to find Sinatra on my kids music list. What is stranger is my mother buying Jason Mraz. I didn't know she knew who he was. She loves him. I wonder if she is turning into one of those hip grandmas. Next thing you know she will have her car tricked out, blasting Snoop and carrying a pimp cup full of Metamucil. *shudder* No I don't think so. Now we are getting ready for our annual family trip. Youngest will have his I-pod, DS, and portable DVD player. I have my DS and my I-pod. (Oldest is not going this time, but that is for another post.) Hubby has his own I-pod and DS. But he will be driving so he can't use them. Then I think back and some of the greatest conversations we had took place on those family trips. Talking. A lost art. I wonder if we should leave our electronics home.

Nah. Who wants to hear what these freaks have to say. Besides I just downloaded a bunch of new music.

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