Thursday, May 21, 2009

Natural beauty

The older I get the longer it takes a lot to get to this level of "natural beauty". I color my hair to cover the platinum that has begun to colonize atop my head. My nails are coated in gel and painted in bright fun colors. I spray on a tan because the sun can kill me. My girls are headed south so I have a wonderful push up bra to put them back to where they belong. I have a nice panty girdle for the jiggly thighs and butt. Did you know that they now make a tank top with slenderizing panels to keep the back roll from showing up. Wonderful thing. My face is done up with natural mineral make up. On occasion I have added some lovely fake eyelashes for effect. My contacts are lightly tinted blue. I have whitening strips for my teeth. Yep I am a natural beauty all right. At least this is my original nose. As far as you know.

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