Saturday, May 23, 2009

Missed yesterday. Sorry. Busy day and then suffered with some stomach thing til the wee hours of the morning. Much better today. I have so much to do before we leave on Thursday. Have not done even a tiny bit of it. Well I have done a little, but the bulk of it is not done. This will be the first vacation that my Oldest is not going with us. Almost 20 and his mommy still wants him on family vacations. It is so hard to see us doing things without him. How do I let him stay home alone, he is just an infant! Or he was a minute ago. Where did this man come from. He has the height, beard, mustache, and deep voice but all I see is that little boy toddling toward his mommy, drooling grin, carrying his lovey. *sigh* He has been home alone before. But this is our annual family vacation. It is almost killing me that he will not be with us! I would like to think he is feeling badly about missing it, too. He seems to be excited to have the house to himself. I don't worry about him throwing any type of big party or getting into trouble. He and his buds will hang out and play video games eating pizza and being loud. I want him with us playing video games, eating pizza, being yelled at by Hubby for being loud. Why do the have to grow up? I know the next milestone is him getting out into his own place. Thank goodness for the economy and housing crunch! He likes staying here because it leaves him more money to have for stuff instead of rent and bills. I do however, see that day coming. When he leaves for his own place. I will be excited and proud of course. But inside I will see that drooling, grinning, lovey carrying boy toddling away from me.

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