Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is 11:30pm and I am sitting here staring at the screen. No real idea of a theme tonight. I have a few things rolling around in my little head, but not thought through yet. So I suppose I shall just regale you with my lovely day. I had one of those sleep an hour, wake up for an hour, sleep for an hour type nights. When the alarm went off I hit the off button. Unfortunately Braeden's bladder has no snooze option. I decided getting up and putting him out was a good plan. My comfy bed beckoned me. Before I knew it 45 minutes had passed. Wonderful. Youngest had gotten up on time and was crabbing at me about being late for school. Where are my pants? Where is a bra? Do I have to brush my hair before I leave. (No is the apparent answer today.) Took him to school on time. Kudos for me. Home. Coffee. Ahhhh wonderful coffee and a mini bear claw. Yum. Back to my comfy bed. I decided to make it and lay on the top. You see this way I can convince myself I am not going back to bed. I am merely taking a little cat nap. After enjoying my coffee and claw and getting caught up on the days news I decided to stretch out and take up the whole bed. What the heck did I just put my foot in???? How fantastic. One of my wonderful pets had left a marvelous gift on the end of the bed. Cold and icky. Part of me reallllly wanted to just wipe off my foot and stay on my side for a catnap. Sigh. I stripped the bed. Thank goodness it was just on the comforter and not all the way to the mattress. Out to the washer with the bedding load. Put on clean sheets. Cover bed with blanket. Notice pile of papers to deal with "later" was really getting out of control. Sat on bed with trash bag and file. Filled trash bag. Filed 3 papers. Took trash out to the bin. Sat down on couch for a moment. Crazy cat decided that I was too calm. She decided that all the stuff on the side table was not necessary. Thank you for cleaing all that off and knocking my water cup off to clean the carpet! Get towel from kitchen. Sop up the water from carpet. Curse at cat under breath. Time to put the bedding in the dryer. Hey Oldest left a load in the dryer. Lovely. Sat down on couch to fold laundry. Take cat out of basket. Take cat out of basket. Take cat out of basket. Put away all folded laundry. Feed and water all animals. How can it be 12:30? Hungry. Made some chicken wraps. What the heck is sticky on the kitchen floor? Quick mop area. Flopped on my bed and fired up the laptop. Paid a few bills. Played on facebook. Played on facebook. Fed those stupid hatchlings on facebook. Sent Oldest to pick up Youngest. Took meat out to thaw. Since I don't have a trampline for thawing purposes I had to do it the old fashioned way--in the fridge. Went over Youngest's homework and returned papers. How can it be dinner time already? Whipped up a nice dinner. Cleaned up mess. Got bedding out of dryer. Took blanket off bed and put on nice, clean comforter. Put Youngest to bed. Watched a little TV with Hubby. Well I watched, he snored. Stared at blank computer screen....Now it is midnight and I should be sleeping. Should be sleeping! Maybe later I bet my hatchlings are hungry again.

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