Monday, May 18, 2009

Spelling Bee

OK I admit it I am one of those moms. I freak out over this kind of stuff. I either become a blubbering mass or I am a bundle of nerves. Or both. Today I was the bundle of nerves. Every time my precious baby was up there at the podium I had a mini heart attack. I was clenching my teeth, squeezing my hands together, tapping my toes quietly, and generally squirming in my seat. The closer he got to the end the closer I was to losing my mind. He came in 4th. If he had gone any further I may have needed medical attention. When Oldest was in middle school he was in band. I cried through more performances than I really want to remember. Take pictures? Forget about it. Everything was blurry. I would just sit there sniffling and clapping. Do you think I ever remembered to bring tissues with me? Nope. I had a little chat with myself every time. THIS time I will not blubber. You would think I would know myself better. I would sit there sniffling and snorfing, eye make up running down my face. Mad because I had no tissue. I usually had to send Hubby for tissue or toilet paper from the restroom. I could not leave in case my baby did something. Now that Oldest is attending his younger brother's functions he is getting to see how I do at these things. I may never hear the end of today's experience. I tell him just wait until he is the daddy and it is his pride and joy up there singing, dancing, playing an instrument, spelling, whatever. But maybe not. But I will, because those will be my perfect, precious grandbabies up there. Wonder if I will remember tissue?

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