Sunday, May 24, 2009


We went to the mall today. Just a quick run for a few things for Youngest. I have to say it was quite entertaining. Our weather got hot and many people's bodies are just not ready. I saw way too many gleaming white muffin tops both male and female. Lots and lots of farmer tan arms in tank tops also both male and female. All ages, too. I have no issues with people's size or weight. But please don't make me see all of it! We need to institute the one size bigger fashion police. Grab these people who have squeeeeezed into a too small outfit and put them in fashion jail until they agree to wear something that is the correct size! The words that kept coming to mind were mounds and mounds of marshmallow fluff. Oozing all over the mall. My secondary gripe is out of control children. There were animals running all over the place. Not only were they annoying but I could have grabbed one and been out the door before the parents even noticed. When kids are running all out of control like that does anyone else wish for a pocketful of marbles or ball bearings? Is it just me? And lastly, teenagers with cell phones. I really don't care if so and so is at the mall and is with him and they are hanging all over each other and she is supposed to be going with John and he is coming here later and OMG he is going to run into them and it is going to be messy.....good lord was I that annoying? I doubt it. We had to wait until we got home to make those stupid statements. No one was forced to hear about it. I was so annoyed I had to text everyone about it.

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MamaMarty said...

Girl, that is why I hate the mall! Even though my fave store is there! Love the page BTW!