Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tragedy struck at Shellby's house this morning. I had to plug in my laptop to charge it and surprise! My &*(^%$##@&* cat chewed on the cord to my laptop. Chewed through the cord to my laptop. If it had been plugged in she may have used up a few of her 9 lives! So I have no laptop. A new cord will be coming from HP, but it will take at least a week. AT. LEAST. A. WEEK. This is also the weekend Oldest decided the family computer needed to be tuned up. Meaning he took it apart and got side tracked with WOW. Notice how he has a computer? Yeah that did not escape me either. He got right back on the family computer when I through my little fit today. In the demure, delicate way you would expect me to throw a fit of course. I went about my daily routine of cleaning and puttering. But I was off somehow. As if I had no link to the outside world. Even though I could just walk outside my door and there it is. I felt like my arms had been cut off. How will I keep up with all my twitters? Or feed my poor facebook hatchlings? Or find out what Paris and Lindsey did today? OK I don't really care what they did. Really I don't. I think I began to twitch around 2:00pm. I wanted to look up an address and had to *gasp* use the yellow pages. I needed to find out how to clean my pizza stone...where is the instructions to it....I know I will google it. No I won't. Now is this an addiction or is it just taking advantage of a modern convenience? I really wanted it to be the latter. Sadly I realized that is not the case. I had to have a stern chat with myself. My name is Shellby and I am an internet addict. I don't know if there is a 12 step program for this or a support group but I will check online.

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