Thursday, May 28, 2009

Packing. More packing. Good grief I take a lot of stuff. I overpack. Always. I have tried to cut back. But every time I leave something home I really needed. I am such a girl I have to take shoes, jewelery, purse and make up for every outfit. Hubby throws jeans and "how many days will we be gone?" worth of underwear, socks and tees. Zip. He is done. Which is why I pack for him, too. But it all got done. Nice and neat pile of suitcases and bags sitting by the door waiting to be loaded into the car. Here is where it becomes Hubby's domain. He is the master at making it all fit. It really is amazing to watch him work it out like a big puzzle. Then slam, it is all in and the trunk is shut. The in car stuff can be annoying. Pillow and blanket, toys and electronics for Youngest. Water bottle, coffee, snacks, DS and cds for me. Nothing is ever where I can reach it when I want it. Why is that? You would think I would learn and pack it better. Maybe I need the stretches so I don't get all stiff from just sitting? That is my new theory. This year Oldest is not going. I am going crazy! He will be home alone. For 5 days. My baby on his own. We went to the grocery store tonight. What do you want for food while we are gone? Hamburger Helper and a few tv dinners. Bread and lunchmeat. Milk and cereal. Done. That was easy. How come when I am cooking they want full meals but leave them on their own and look what they eat. I told him no wild parties. NO drinking. He said what about the midget strippers? Isn't he funny. Most likely he and his buds will hang out with games and movies. He lives such a wild life. Thank goodness! Tomorrow when we leave, a new chapter in our lives will be starting. The one where it is just the 3 of us. *sigh* I will cry, I just know it.

I will try post every night while on our trip. Going with Mary Mary Quite Contrary should make for some rich stories. The drive there could be several days worth!

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