Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My computer is back!

Whew. Replaced my power cord almost painlessly. Wonderful feeling to be back among the connected. I did have my mother's laptop, but it was not mine. It has cooties. It did not like me and kept locking up. Grrr. Too frustrating. Speaking of frustrating, today I realized I am out of contacts. How did I let that happen?! I was sure I had 2 boxes under my sink. Yep two boxes, two empty boxes. Now I have to wear my glasses until I can get an eye exam. What a pain. I am going to share a little secret with you. You won't tell anyone will you? No. Promise? Pinkie swear? OK here goes...My arms are shrinking. Yep. They have to be. Had such a time reading the menu yesterday. My arms are not long enough to hold the menu where I can see it. My arms are shrinking and my thighs are growing. How is that fair? Great, I am going to look like a blond T-Rex! Later, I found myself in the drugstore looking at those reader type glasses thinking, "those pink ones are kinda cute". WHAT?! Those are old lady glasses. I can just see me now: Knitting and looking over the top of the glasses complaining about the how loud and awful the neighbor kid's music is. AAAAHHHHHH. I am not liking this getting old stuff. Platinum in my hair, bones creaking, and those little laugh lines that are not funny at all. That little dark spot on my hand that I was so afraid was skin cancer. The one my doctor laughingly called an age spot. I almost smacked him, but my little arms probably wouldn't have reached him. Hmpf grow old gracefully. Nope. I have all sorts of face creams, anti aging skin creams, lift this - smooth that creams.You name it and I bet I have a cream or an oil for it! It's funny, I feel young but that round old lady keeps following me around all the time. I see her in the mirror and reflected in store windows. You know she doesn't look that bad, not really. Not bad for a blond T-Rex that is.

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