Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taking care of our parents as they age is a scary task. When Momma fell I had no idea we would be dealing with the rehabilitation facilities, medicare, and infections. Her infection is from her brief stay at the hospital. Her IV line was infected. By the time the first rehab facility figured it out it was raging throughout her system. Now we are dealing with a blood infection. The medicine needed to kick it is very strong stuff. 2 treatments a day through her new IV line. The rehab stuff is good, it is working. She is much stronger. Before this she could not pull herself up and now she is up and down out of her bed and back and forth to the bathroom all on her 0wn. I have been running 2 households. Our laundry, dad's laundry, our laundry, mom's laundry from the facility. Grocery shopping for us, and then for daddy too. Making sure he has lunch and dinner. It is a lot. I am tired all the time. I am wiped out emotionally. Drained completely. It is so hard to see my parents in this real light. Mom is frail. Dad is not too far behind. I can't deal with it. I got no less than 5 phone calls yesterday asking where I was. I had not been to the facility yet. I finally got myself there at 7:30pm. I stayed until after 9:00, they didn't make me leave.
We just chatted and chatted. She is so lonely. I wish she did something. Knit, read, write, puzzles--something to keep her occupied. Now she is even further away. Make it much harder to go after putting in 6 hours at work and knowing I still have at least 2 hours when I get home.

Well enough of the downer stuff. Happy stuff time. My dog and kitten are currently running though the house chasing and wrestling with each other! So funny. She just jumps on his head.

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