Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quiet Sunday

What a treat, I was up early. No one stirring. I was escaping with my paper and my nice hot cup of coffee to my quiet spot. And then it happened. That dreaded cold wet oh my god what did I just step in thing. I didn't want to look. I desperately looked around for a tissue or towel or something. Of course not. So now I do the very feminine delicate ballet toe step, foot stomp, ballet toe step, foot stomp all the way to civilization--meaning somewhere there is tissue! I decided to head for the bathroom. After cleaning the mess off with toilet paper I heaved my foot up into the sink. Yep INTO the sink for a good scrubbing. Amazing my hip and leg could accomplish such a feat. Please don't tell Hubby. I have him convinced we are way too old for some interesting "positions". But I digress. So here I am in my jammies, one foot in the sink being scrubbed and purified and the thought occurs to me, why didn't I just step in the SHOWER and use the hand held shower head to wash both my feet? Hmmm? Because it is early and I hadn't had that cup of coffee yet! Dilemma: leave other foot in it's less pristine condition since it was not in the actual gunk or wash it and have nice matching clean feet, and where to wash this one? Yep you guessed it I heaved the now clean and sanitized foot out onto a towel and heaved the other one up into the sink and washed it too. Pretty amazing accomplishment. Ahhh now to my coffee and paper. NOPE. Now I have to clean up the remains of the originator of this tale. Done. Reheat the coffee. Grab my paper and escape. Of course you know what happened next. That sweet little voice, "good morning mommy! What is for breakfast." End of my "quiet Sunday." So how was your day?

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