Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Year Olds Are A Blast!

I had the wonderful privilege of watching my bestie's baby for a few days. Oh man I have forgotten that magical age. He is actually not quite 3. Just a few months shy of it. Close enough in my book. I love this age. I know other people complain about the "attitude" of 2 and 3 year olds. I love it. They are showing their independence. You can see the personality forming. The colors they love to wear. How they want to mix colors. Who cares if they have clothes on that match. Let them be. Cereal for lunch? Sure why not. Add some fruit and it is a good meal. A few odd choices will not cause long term harm. It is important to let them have some control over parts of their daily lives. It is so great to see them blossom into little people! Temper tantrums are entertaining. They are telling us all about how they are frustrated with a choice we are making for them or making them make. It passes. I think we learn something from it. As an adult we get to make choices all day long. They are telling us how they need to make choices, too. We should pay attention to them, it shows who they are becoming! We were coloring and drawing. Again who cares if the doggie is blue or green. Why does an elephant have to be grey when yellow is so much better. Seeing the world with their eyes is magical. Being outside in the sunshine not complaining how hot it is, rather looking at the bugs on the sidewalk in sheer wonderment. To just run around. For fun. Not exercise just run, and hop, and jump and twirl. He was my constant companion. Apparently everything I do is amazing. Everything is wonderful and fascinating. We all need to be 3 year olds sometimes. Remember the fun and wonderment of the world. When the world creeps in and it is wearing us down, maybe we should just crouch down and watch some bugs on the sidewalk. Grab a coloring book and just let the imagination go. No rules. Have a sandwich for breakfast, or ice cream for dinner! OK that last one I have done. A lot. Maybe I should do the cereal and fruit for lunch more often instead. He may be on to a new type of diet. The 3 year old guide to losing that extra holiday weight. I am going to go watch some bugs now. No really I am. Some great big beetles I have. Fascinating creatures.

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