Sunday, April 20, 2014

Depression, aging and other crap I am dealing with

Sorry for being MIA for a bit. No real reason. Just me being me. The darkness was pulling me back down the hole. I won this round. Because as the Bloggess so wisely says, "depression lies". Now onto my rant for today.

I am, "of a certain age" as my mother used to say. I have a lot of younger friends. I love being around them. Their energy is infectious. Or at least I want it to be! But we do have different issues in life. For example a friend who is a little younger but still dealing with a lot of the same issues as myself and I were lamenting the dreaded chin hairs. Hairs. One of the younger of our circle talked about her chin HAIR. Singular. Isn't she cute. Chin. Hair. Bless her heart. She tried to placate us with, "well it is really black and wiry". Oh honey THEY ALL ARE. I wanted to pat her head and say just you wait. Just you wait. Here is another hair related or maybe sight related issue. While shaving my legs in the shower without glasses or contacts I have a hard time distinguishing stray long leg hairs from varicose veins. I almost hit an artery trying to get a "hair" the other morning! My mother said that once she hit 40 she had almost no leg hair. Oh isn't mother nature and her genetic science wonderful? I am not like momma. Nope I still have a forest on my legs. I still need to shave daily, at least once it gets warm. And yet I still decide on my daily attire by the decision of whether I want to shave or not. No, pants it is! Or No, and it is 100 and stupid outside, well staying at home it is. I had really good vision up until 45. What the heck happens at 45?! Now I need multi-focal lenses? Yes Multi-focal. No not just bi-focal. Now they tell you that you need many different lenses just to walk around your house. I tried to not get those. Then I decided I kinda wanted to be able to see when I drive. It is a little bit necessary, at least that is what my screaming family was saying. Also, what happened to my skin? It is so dry. I could bathe in lotion and still have dry skin. I can't sleep through the night anymore either. I wake up at least twice during the night. Oh it's your hormones. Great there is anther issue to deal with. Perimenopause. A nice little time before full on menopause where your body does start and stop and start and stop for fun! Only it is not fun. Nope, not fun at all. Hey, how about PMS to the 10th power today. As you are alternately crying in your triple chocolate ice cream because of a commercial and yelling at your significant other because he turned the doorknob wrong you realize it just might be you. We never admit it though. A quote from WebMd: The average length of perimenopause is four years, but for some women this stage may last only a few months or continue for 10 years. Perimenopause ends the first year after menopause (when a woman has gone 12 months without having her period). Could you be more vague on the timeline there Webmd? 4 years or a few months or just maybe 10 YEARS. Very funny Webmd. Very funny indeed. You can try herbs. Herbs, meaning a pricy little bottle of some smelly capsules full of ground up oregano for all I know, but I am going to take them and hope that I don't have a hot flash while at work with all my much younger co-workers. No need to scare them about their future. Or maybe I should. Give them a front row seat of their future. Except they will be like we were, "it won't happen to us". Just. You. Wait.

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