Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's poop stew here folks

I just wrote a lengthy, personal blog. But this is just too amazing to not write down. Tonight I fed Youngest's snake. He ate well even in shed. I then put him in the tub in my bathroom to soak. He soaked a large portion of it off. I put him back in his clean cage and went back to my room to continue writing the last entry. I hear water running. I think Hubby is running a bath. I know his back and knees have been hurting and he will usually take a long hot soak with epsom salts to feel better. I figured he was using the boys bathroom since I just had a snake soaking in mine. I was concentrating on writing. OK I will be honest I was making sure I spelled "stretch marked" correctly by using google and the search results were fascinating. How did they get like that?! But that is not what this is about. After a few minutes pass I hear dear sweet Hubby yelling like a loon from the boys bathroom. "OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED?" Now anyone who knows my dear hubby knows he has a tendency to ummmm how to say it, uh... he over reacts. A LOT. As in a splinter to a normal person is, well a giant oak to him. I love him for it or in spite of it or something like that. The point is we are used to it. I got up after I finished the last sentence. I walked calmly to the threshold of the bathroom to find water almost at my feet. Not a little water, a considerable amount of water. And not clean water...what is that? Peeking a little further in I find my honey ankle deep in whatever that is, hugging the toilet to turn the water off. Yep Youngest overflowed the toilet. Hats of to that boys bowels. It is disgusting. It is inconvenient. But not the end of the world as we know it. Hubby is now yelling at me to get the mop. HAHAHAHAH. I don't own a mop. Not a regular mop. I have a spray thing with a little fabric pad on it for the 3 feet of kitchen tile I have. Making a joke about not having a mop did NOT go over well. Neither did my dog trying desperately to get in there. He likes to eat poop. His poop. The cat's poop. Bird poop. Whatever. I said he must think it is the best stew EVER. As Youngest and I are giggling, hubby is glaring. Again not a time for humor apparently. I calmly suggest the shop vac. I mean why else did I buy the stupid thing? This is why! Wet, disgusting spills. It is MADE to suck up that stuff. He was not on board with this. I suppose having it suck up his son's poopy water was not what he envisioned using it for. I would ask him, but he won't hear me over the sound of it sucking that stuff up. I guess I can wait. Until later. Tomorrow. Or never. After I buy a mop. And new towels. And a new rug. Can we just move?

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Lewis Dickson said...

That is why I married you. My lovely understanding wife.